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My client said it would not take long no more then a couple of hours, she needed just a little help and thought a closet makeover would be in order,  but even I was surprised at how much this 5 foot by 32 inch closet could hold, apart from it being jammed full of clothes like a magician’s hat, things just kept coming out – it also held the following:

  • 2 sleeping bags
  • hula hoop
  • yoga mat
  • large empty suitcase
  • 6 assorted totes
  • small stepladder
  • box of Christmas gifts that were supposed to be given away in 2011 but never found
  • blow up beach ball
  • 4 soft toys
  • baseball bat
  • umbrella
  • box assorted caps
  • assorted pieces of material
  • 3 baskets
  • 5 cans of paint
  • bag of books to be returned to the library
  • staple gun
  • picture frame
  • towel rail
  • small footstool
  • hanging bag of shoes
  • 7 handbags
  • assorted belts
  • assorted scarves

Closet makeovers are really to edit and find your style, to present a closet that is beautifully organised and useful. It is supposed to be easy to decide on an outfit every morning, because each item in your closet would be something that you love, it would be up to date, and definitely compliment you. This closet had to be decluttered too. In addition it was looking a little shabby so after clearing out it was cleaned, repaired and painted.

There was a shelf in the kitchen that held cookbooks that I was able to re-purpose for the closet and once painted the same colour as the closet it looked almost custom.


Cleared out


The shelf


The closet painted


With shelf added


I really wanted to add the clothes (only) but will do that tomorrow as I wanted the paint to be dry and not spoil anything. Part two, the reveal coming soon.