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We loved 24, especially the location, a quiet street, with great views of the neighbourhood opposite the park and beside some tennis courts. There was only one house next door and so we were not overlooked. We had great views of the park and the meandering roads. There are magnificent trees and small areas of green parkland dotted about the area. In addition the house was nicely set back on higher ground so there was a feeling of space and not being close to the road. It was also close to downtown. That was outside.
It was a real fixer upper; it was heated with electricity, ($$$) and anything that had any charm i.e. the woodwork and light fixtures had been removed – probably in the 60s when old was out and plastic was in, so the only original things that remained were the fixtures and fittings that we did not want such as windows that came with storm windows, a huge pain, the original 1919 kitchen and bathroom. We did however end up purchasing a sweet set of wicker furniture for the sunroom that the seller offered us.
Naively, we thought we could renovate and rejuvenate quickly and reasonably as I had renovated three of our own properties and assisted many other friends and clients in London U.K. before we made the big move.