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Clean lines

Clean lines

It happens every time, it happened again today, when someone calls to arrange a home staging consultation they often think that I am going to criticize their taste and possibly the way they live, when in actual fact nothing could be further from the truth.

My business is to show people how to get their house presented for sale and show off its best features, rather like getting the house dressed up for a party or the holidays. I can stage your home for the holidays too.

I like to show you how to shift from how you live (in jeans) which usually means having all your “stuff” at hand to showroom presentation style (party dress and jewelry).

Before I arrive you do not need to clean and declutter as we might use something wonderful that you already have. You probably have enough to stage already, most people have too much, usually if we purchase it is a practical thing like a shower curtains to freshen up a bathroom so buyers can imagine living in your home.

We can always work with  a strict budget with home staging there is a lot of elbow grease and then we update to get that wow factor.