It used to be the homeowner’s task. A tidy up and keep the grass cut, and that was about it. Now with magazines and TV shows it’s all been kicked up a notch and buyers want perfection. Sellers have to look for advantages to make their homes stand out from the rest. We live one way but when we sell, sales are only made if a purchaser can imagine themselves in our home.

The reason I believe people hire is because it is such hard work, if it wasn’t more people would do it. The most motivated clients call me BEFORE the real estate agent comes in, I do the consult and then they choose to do the work themselves or get me to do it for them. When the real estate agent comes in the listing is invariably higher than the competition because it shows so nicely and because it does it usually sells faster. Style Organization has a plan for each home but we always do the following.

Lighten up – with mirrors, additional lighting, blinds and curtains pulled open to expose as much light as possible
Freshen up – using contemporary colours and materials which update rooms
Rearrange – using simple but beautiful accessories such as plants and cushions even it it means buying, as you can take them with you.