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Bleeding Hearts are one of the first perennials to appear each spring, I adore them and this fairy tale is about about these very pretty flowers.
There was once a prince who loved a princess. She did not even realize he existed. The prince decided that in order to gain her interest and declare his love, he would buy her rare and exotic presents from all over the world.
One gift was a pink enchanted rabbit, which he presented to the princess. The storyteller shows a pink petal and sets it on its side to show as the rabbit. The princess was indifferent to the rabbit so, he tried again and presented her with some lovely drop earrings. The story teller shows two middle white petals held up next to someone’s ears to show off, again the princess paid him no consideration.
The prince became so upset because the princess did not love him that he took out his dagger and stabbed himself. The centre of the flower is shaped like an outline of a heart with a line down the centre. The heart is held up for all to see. The princess, too late, suddenly understands that she did indeed love the prince, and cries out, “My heart will bleed for you without end” and so it does for all to see every spring.