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Looking Back, I thought I would not do it again, that is buy another house that was a “fixer upper”. In the end we did, simply because we could not find a suitable house in any of the neighbourhoods that we wanted to live. We had also wanted to find a home that had already been renovated as this would have saved time and money. Now we have to renovate, refurbish, restore, repair and redecorate our new to us old house 1928 and had hoped to have most of it done in a year – (wishful thinking) although that was over two years ago! We have done a lot it but is still not finished.
While we have renovated many times before we don;t don’t have the knowhow for all that the work entails and I am now working with a tight budget with the various trades and suppliers in my new city, yes that’s right I didn’t know anybody when I started…

What I do have is the clarity of a vision and know is that what I wanted to do was to make the house comfortable and gracious by restoring the traditional and classic elements of the house which I love; The doors with leaded glass, the hall lights, the exterior brickwork, the red oak hardwood floors and the dark trim on the baseboards and trim where it has not already been painted over, repair and renovate the staircase, well the list goes on.  The good thing is that I am not making any structural changes like moving walls. The bad thing is there is a still a lot of work because it has really been neglected and probably more than I thought when we purchased.  It is a good thing that I am not fond of the open concept, it looks great but you really have to be so neat (which I am) and put everything away otherwise it all looks untidy plus losing walls means you also lose storage.