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Moving & Assisting Seniors

Liz at 84 moved to a new home.
Liz at 84 moved to a new home.

I am often asked about how to get their parents sorted out, so here are some ideas.
I have worked with some seniors and their families doing two types of pre-sorts, the first when they are thinking about moving.  We come in and help decide what is wanted and needed and what is not. The second scenario is where they have to move pronto usually because of a fall or an illness has escalated. We then take the necessary items to the new home and then I go back and deal with the rest after they have made the move.

When no downsizing has taken place and an external storage unit has been rented to house these items people often forget what is in them. So I first visit the current home to see how much room is available before going to the storage facility to take inventory. If there is no room then we often have a sale.
Sometimes everything is moved to the new home and the boxes remain unpacked often the senior does not have the physical strength to do the job. It becomes uncomfortable, frustrating and sometimes dangerous. We then go in to help declutter and set the room(s) up for better and safe flow.
Seniors have good judgement and can often make decisions but if you are working with one who has some form of dementia then sometimes they can’t remember the decisions the next day. Finish one job at a time before moving on as it can sometimes become confusing.
Decluttering is easier to do before you hit your eighties.

Try to get it done earlier when it’s easier!



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