Front Door &  Porch

Front Door & Porch

I wondered if they would turn up but they are all here and on time, two electricians, two plumbers, my demo guy and two more who are replacing the hot water tank. I have also arranged for the removal of all the debris for 7.30 am Saturday. The noise is incredible and the cat, panic stricken has run for cover and is cowering in the upstairs closet. My mother is lounging in a lazy boy reading the latest copy of Vanity Fair. I have just found out that the (new) pendant lights do not have enough clearance (because of a balcony door) for the upstairs hall landing and so will have to shop again….must remember a clearance of 7 inches, even though we are replacing the old but beautiful balcony door with a window that will be more energy efficient, it does give off a wicked draft and while the idea of a balcony is nice I would not use it, although my husband says he will. I think he wants to use it to smoke cigars although he can do that just as easily in the garden. In the basement the old kitchen is coming out, the ceiling is down and leaking pipes are being repaired. 1928 knob and tube is being replaced to current code – if you pardon the pun. I now have a new hot water tank a PV50 that vents directly outside so no moisture problems on the brick. The staircase is being repaired for safety and there is much speculation how it could have been damaged in such a way and how. The ugly window a/c has now been removed from the main bedroom window and light is now coming in. The first day of renovation was a success. >