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Quick Ways of Keeping Cool in a Heatwave

It's cooler by the water!
It’s cooler by the water!

It is truly hot at present, it is still over 30 degrees now and during the day it is in the mid to higher thirties (celsius) which can reach 100 (fahrenheit) plus humidity so one way to keep cool is to use a cotton bandanna or silk scarf dampened in cool water and put it on the back of your neck. Re dampen as needed.
Have a quick rinse in the shower to cool off.
Use a fan to circulate the air.
Take an ice cube and apply to wrists or run under cold water.
Close windows & blinds or curtains on the sunny side of the house to block out the heat.
Use a mister and spray yourself to cool off.
Soak feet in a bowl of cold water.
If you have a basement, spend some extra time there.