When you renovate a house you discover all is not as it seems, changes are made either as it is built, although more often after. There is a small room attached to the sitting room divided by a quite large arch that we call the Turkish room.  Surrounded on three sides by 8 windows, it is cooler especially on the hardwood floor.  There are two plugs but no light in the the room at all. I asked Brian one of the electricians if we could add in some lighting as it would make a good puzzle room and reading area. So off to the basement where we found that the entire floor was concrete with no access at all. Back upstairs we looked at the ceiling all flush no lights but some indentation in the walls were sconce may have been.  We deduced not unlike Sherlock Holmes that this room was probably a three season porch that was changed as or after the house was built, or more probably redesigned later on. We did note that all the windows are the same as the interior and are also original to the house. The arch may have had French doors.  We still cannot work out why lighting would have been taken away. We found four areas where an original sconce was for either light bulbs or for holding candles. In keeping with the age of the house we found some old fashioned looking sconce, although I will change the shades at some point.