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The basement kitchen is the first to go!

The basement kitchen is the first to go!

We were going to renovate the upstairs kitchen first as the basement had a newer kitchen and the area was finished, however that plan took a different direction once we found the pipes has not been connected properly and there was water leaking, plus the 24 junction boxes in the ceiling made it unsafe, not to mention the furnace and ductwork were not working properly as we had a lot of areas where the heating or a/c was not getting through. Think Florida in the basement, Italy on the ground floor and the North Pole on the bedroom floor. Strangely the attic was not so cold.

So now we are readying the other kitchen and cleaning like crazy, I don’t usually use bleach but we bleached this kitchen four times to make sure it was sanitary, needless to say we were eating takeout until we were satisfied! Here are some “before” photos of the things that are just disgusting as well as the things I have been dying to get rid of…

Underneath the fridge freezer that had never had an outing!
                        The “decorative” pelmet