I wanted to see if the house had any sort of history and went to the library archives and city hall to see if I could find some details. While the house is on the heritage list it is not designated, due to low scores on the heritage property evaluation system mainly due to the fact that no one prominent or famous had lived here. The builder and the architect remain unknown. What I do know for fact is that it is a very good quality home built in July 1928 prior to the Wall Street crash so money was in abundance and is a good example of the better residential architecture of the period. Interestingly the house has been re-numbered. The style is Tudor revival with craftsman details, the bottom half is brick including clinker brick which is ornamental. There is a variety of building materials including limestone, stucco and wood and some remaining cedar shingle on the dormers. The original roof was cedar shingles with ornate verge board commonly known as fascia. The interior has red oak hardwood floors and sweet gum tree trimming. There is a wonderful fireplace in the sitting room with a marble hearth. The value was $6175 for the house and  $350 for the garage. I do not know if that was the paid price. The family sold it 16 years later in 1944 for $11.900.