Finding your Style

Finding your Style

For me it not about using someones style it’s about using what I like and then seeing if it works, if it does great, if it does not, then use it somewhere else. The designers are right in that you do find inspiration in odd and unexpected places. I work on the principle of what I do each day as opposed to a classic or traditional look, in truth I love them all. The only style that I feel is a lot of work outside of a kitchen and bathroom is contemporary as unless everyone in the household is neat and tidy or you live alone then that style can look terribly cluttered, my husband loves contemporary however as soon as he sees an open space, all his stuff migrates there and then he has various “tidy up times” which take forever and then it is neat for about an hour before the migration begins again.

For my clients I do exactly the same I find out how they run their businesses, their lives and homes and then I customize a plan based on their needs, wants and budgets.