Trending - Statement Pieces

Trending – Statement Pieces

Designers often look to the past, Ralph Lauren, in particular, is famous for it.  Movies, if you think of Annie Hall or the current crop of actors on the red carpet are dressed by designers emulating old Hollywood glamour. Pantone who brings out the colour of the year. New materials and the best, street fashion that catches on and becomes a mainstay in our wardrobe. When Punk first hit the streets in London, it was safety pins, zips, and dog collars, but if you go into any mainstream shop now you will find them watered down on many items. As well as makeup items such as black or navy nail polish were once considered extreme.

So how do you wear these trends? If you look at a runway fashion show, often the looks are really over the top, mostly because they need to catch your attention and there are some who will wear them that way. The majority of us will buy the watered down look and (should) adapt the trend to their lifestyle. So if you see dark solid raccoon eyes, you can make them a soft smoky grey. Huge handbags can be scaled down to the size that is right for you. All over animal prints? just pick one thing to wear such as shoes or a scarf. A skirt with a zip detail is right but not when it is on the top as well, I know you will get the idea.

Fall 2013

Grey is the new neutral. Any shade.

Jacket, skirt, or pants in a Prince of Wales or Houndstooth check – the smaller the better.

A red handbag. Red lips and nails, a scarf and gloves.

Winter white and think Little White Dress come party time with a statement necklace or chandelier earrings but not both.

Jewel tones again, add emerald to mix with navy.

Layers, well it will get cold.

A leather piece.

1 piece of animal print, it has become the perennial classic.

A great coat is always stylish.