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Fab Finds – Norwex Cleaning Products & Rose Marie Roach

Fab Finds
Fab Finds 

The Best Products Today – Norwex Cleaning Products
When you do what I do having great products to assist you can be half the battle. While I don’t really enjoy cleaning, I love having a clean home and when I work I need to do a thorough job while managing my time. When my friend and colleague Rose Marie Roach told me about Norwex she told me the following “Pelee View is cleaned without chemicals. I’m learning more and more about using Norwex products all through my house and personally too as I recently joined Norwex as a Sales Consultant. My grocery list is void of the various phosphate and chemically filled products. So I’m saving money, saving time and saving the environment”.
I was interested because you don’t need to use chemicals. Once Rose Marie demonstrated the product at Pelee View ( and at a party in my home I was sold. Norwex cloths and cleaners are fabulous! To purchase product, have a home party to see Norwex products, please contact Rose Marie at 519-324-9536 or by email


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