Cupboards tidied by Style Organization in Windsor

Cupboards tidied by Style Organization in Windsor

I have visited one lady and one couple in the last week about decluttering and organizing some of their possessions, one was downsizing and the other was staying put. The jobs were not difficult just time consuming and that was the major problem. Both had walkers which have allowed them to stay in their homes as they are able to lean on them to walk from room to room. However no one was able to stand for longer than five minutes without feeling tired so the jobs that they all were desperate to have done had simply been put on hold. Either they had relatives that lived some distance or because of work and children did not have the time to assist them with these chores. Both ladies and gentleman were sharp, no signs of dementia and with good hearing so of course it was frustrating that they could not complete their tasks without help. With that in mind give the gift of time by asking if there is something you can do to help (get the family involved) or pay someone like me to help get it done. The things we take for granted are often difficult for an older person who may not ask for help, offer to arrange or help get these things done. You both will be glad you did.

Top 10

  • Garden Clean-up
  • Shopping and putting groceries away
  • Straightening cupboards
  • Washing and hanging clothes up
  • Getting rid of unwanted items
  • Arranging for items to be removed
  • Changing bedding
  • Washing or taking duvets to the dry cleaners
  • Feeding and caring for pets
  • Cooking a proper meal