I don't know where to put it Tecumseh On

I don’t know where to put it! Tecumseh On

I know, really, I know that you all want to be organized, I know because it is one of the most common challenges for business and homeowners alike. Magazines, organizing departments in stores and TV programs are devoted to try and help you spend your money while you conquer clutter and disorganization. I visit many who need assistance in Windsor and Essex County On.

One client June had a stack of 15 organizing magazines and at 14.99 for each plus 13% for each, comes to around $250.00. Had she found them useful? Well look around was her reply.

We did work together to reorganize her belongings and we managed to display her much loved items and store the rest in accessible places. (We never have to get rid of much). Since then June had added a husband and as they needed to add his belongings into the house she called me back. I was pleased to see that she still had the items in the same places and I asked how she had managed over the last 10 months. She responded that it had worked just fine, and was now (mostly) on autopilot to put things back when they been used and was glad that I had said that from time to time things would become untidy, and that it was okay. When there was a project on the go at home, or at work, or when there was lots of entertaining and guests staying. Therefore  to not worry about about it until there was time to redistribute the misplaced items. Contact me if you need help.