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If you have any necklaces on hand great, otherwise scour second hand shops, flea markets, bead and craft stores or even hold a jewellery swop meet with your friends to find something you like. You could even have a jewellery making party at the same time.
 I used dark Aurora Borealis crystals from a broken two string necklace that was waiting for a make-over. This was a too short (for me) older 50s necklace that came with a hook and beaded tail. I used a clamshell bead tip which is designed to hide the entire knot, to give my necklace a more finished look. You will need the following:

Clasp (or if necklace design is long enough you can knot closure)
Crimping beads/Clamshell bead tips
Small (jewellery) pliers
Fishing line, fragrance free dental floss or preferred thread.
Long sewing pins sometimes known as imperial/head pins which come in various lengths and can be purchased from any retailer selling sewing supplies.
Sheppard’s hook, post, hoops, European lever-backs or clip-on earrings style that you want. I always buy for pieced and convert or sell the rest.

Necklace: Lay out your design, (a large dinner plate works well with a piece of plain material laid on top to stop beads rolling around). Thread in desired combination and if it is long enough you can knot it or simply add a clasp. The easiest ones allow you to thread and knot then the clasp can then be screwed shut. If selecting a different style such as a lobster claw you will  have to take the extra step and use clamshell tips or crimping beads to hold the clasp in place.

Earrings: For the drop style shown, thread beads onto a pin largest first, graduating smaller to the top. Use pliers to form a loop at the end. Attach to earring finding.