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First, I cannot sew anything except buttons, so I have to improvise to re-imagine my wardrobe.
Several years ago at Holt Renfrew, I saw some lovely designer scarves for around $300.00 each. I decided to re-imagine my own; I am still wearing it as it is a timeless piece. I bought a long pale pink chiffon type material scarf for $5.00 and I already had some pink and gold beads. See my scarf. If you already have a long scarf and some beads it’s no cost and a lot of fun. Simply take coordinating thread and sew some beads on for a classic look. To make it offbeat and more creative, use different coloured threads and buttons. Whatever you select it will be your design.

P.S. In the 1970s I bought a red fringed cashmere scarf from Yves Saint Laurent in Knightsbridge London SW3 U.K. I loved that scarf and wore it every winter. After 25 years the fringes had become tattered so I cut them off and I sewed assorted buttons of various colours where I had cut the fringe. I received more compliments on that scarf then before. My daughter now uses it as she considers it vintage.