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Real Easy Organizing – The Small Stuff – 15 Tips

The Hall Shelf – By the back door
Money Box for Loose Change – Think parking
Key Bowl
Sunglasses Dish
Odds and Ends
Napkin Holders for Recipes and Invites
Keeping track of small items.
  1. Set up an area or fill a draw in your kitchen or office with stationary items, tell the family so they know.
  2. Have a designated central area for keys, sunglasses etc mine is on a small wall shelf in the hall. 
  3. Put any loose change found around the house in a money box or tin, when full use as mad money for a treat.
  4. After travelling put any foreign money in snack size zip lock bags for later use or to give to someone travelling to that country.
  5. Keep any manuals together, I file mine in the basement and if something goes wrong I read the manual first and then call the company’s toll free number before paying out for a repair. Periodically go through and recycle any once you no longer have the item.
  6. When you make a new contact, get a business card and file alphabetically in a box or binder. 
  7. Store buttons in an old mason jar
  8. Keep a spare pair of glasses and sunglasses in the glove compartment of your car.
  9. Coupons and gift vouchers made my wallet too bulky so now I have a separate wallet to hold them all.
  10. I have a box on top of some shelves by the back door to hold maps so when we travel… I also like old maps to cover books and use as gift wrap.
  11. Store a small collapsible umbrella under your car seat for unexpected downpours and any large ones in a stand in your hall closet or by the front door.
  12. In the tool area have containers or boxes with just one type of item such as tape, duct tape, electrical tape painters tape. this way you will always find the item you want.
  13. Store screws and nails in small glass jars or better still small plastic drawer units.
  14. I have a huge matchbook collection in a large ginger jar near the fireplace (keep on a high shelf if you have small ones around) so we can always light the fire or a candle.
  15. Napkin holders make great recipe, invitation or anything else holders.


The work version I am a versatile client-focused professional with wide-ranging experience in organizing, coaching and motivating with the ability to multi-task whatever the situation. My company, Style Organization is committed to helping people through strategies that assist in moving them forward positively with humour and energy. The Social Version is the same just substitute family & friends for clients and colleagues. I enjoy all the fine things in life, reading, theater, opera, gardening, cooking, entertaining, fashion, travel, anything vintage and adores good company. I am presently still restoring and renovating a 1928 Tudor Revival house.

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