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Reimagining a broken item:

Try to find alternative uses for the things that you already have especially when they break. Repairing something yourself is cost effective but sent out the cost is often higher than to purchase again. In addition, articles in magazines often show you how to make repurpose and make something wonderful, although once you see the shopping list; it can end up costing a fortune. Possibly more than if you bought it already made in the first place, not to mention the time prepping, creating and cleaning plus any supplies you don’t use end up being stored giving you more clutter.

The Fix:

I had one broken diamante necklace, the clasp had broken and alas it was not repairable. I thought I could attach it to a bag to make it into an evening bag but I had no suitable candidate, so after looking through my wardrobe I found one basic evening tank top that I was able to re-purpose into something fabulous.
I do not sew well so I was thrilled at how it easy it was to do, black thread and a needle took just 25 minutes, and now I have something brilliant to wear, I just add a glamorous pair of earrings to go.

For care, simply hand wash the tank and hang to dry.

For care, simply hand wash the tank and hang to dry.