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Re-imagined for Spring in Windsor

Re-imagined for Spring in Windsor. Simply take a basket with handles and wrap a favourite scarf, tying the corners of the scarf to the handles. Takes 5 minutes and can be changed so easily!

It is finally above zero for more then two days at a time. At this time of year I feel very lethargic but with the promise of spring, I make myself organize my wardrobe for the upcoming season. Once I have done that I will take myself off to window shop to see what the upcoming season looks like. You can also do this to refresh your home.

Have ready baskets/bags for repairs/donations/re-imagined items.
Without taking anything out of your wardrobe, check all the hanging items for the following:
• Any items that need repair or replace a button, put to one side of wardrobe for later or if you are ready to mend the items toss into a basket/bag.
• Any items that are faded or stained that you no longer feel look good, these can be used for messy jobs such as painting. Items like t-shirts can be cut up for rags for later uses.
• Check any items that can be re-imagined.
• Any items that are in good condition that you no longer want can be donated (donations put in bag now) or save for later and have a swap meet which has become popular.
• Any designer item (especially vintage) in good condition can be sold online, or taken to a consignment store.
Anything can be saved for a garage or yard sale.