In Windsor Ontario, when we have items that we no longer want, that will not be picked up through the garbage collection.  We have to pay for it to be taken away or we can take to the dump but still  have to spend some money to dump it based on weight. Even though you may not want it, someone probably does, especially when it’s free! So post a free ad on kijiji.
I had a lot of paving stones that I did not need any more so I posted the following on Thursday evening:
There are 16 paving slabs, 18 x 18 x 1.5 available to take by the side of my garage. There is a big pot sitting on top to direct you. Not the best looking but would be useful flooring in a shed, potting area or at the cottage near water to stop slipping. Now surplus to requirements. First come, first served.
Today Friday by 10am they have been taken by a very nice lady for her side garden.
Thanks to the internet there are lots of sites such as freecycle and Kijiji that offer free ads, take advantage if you have something that you no longer need, it’s great to recycle,  I saved my energy and my money by not paying for it to be taken away and she saved money by getting it free, and it did not end up in a landfill. We all win X 3.