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Ideas Worth Saving – Improvised Tools – 12 Tips

1 Use a dime instead of a slotted screwdriver.
2 Use the tip of a potato peeler instead of Phillips-head screwdriver.
3 Use a cotton bud for small paint touch ups.
4 Use an emery board as a mini sander.
5 Use any empty detergent, laundry or soda bottle for a funnel. Just cut where needed.
6 Use a square type mason jar filled ¾ full with water to utilize as a spirit level.
7 Save strait edged cardboard from packaging to use as paint shields to protect walls or baseboards.
8 Use an old piece of hosiery to strain lumpy paint.
9 Cut a large X in an old tennis ball and place on top of a hammer if you need a mallet.
10 Use an old sock on one end of a broom to clean under washing machine, fridge and oven.
11 Use kitchen scissors for cutting pizza or tortillas.
12 Use a large potato to remove a light bulb if it breaks in the socket, any broken glass will be stick to the potato. Don’t forget to turn off the power.


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