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Spring has finally arrived in Windsor & Essex County. Even though it is still a bit dreary find some time to head outside to clean up to organize for the better weather. Start in the garden beds, weeding, and clearing any flower and vegetable beds that were leftover from last year. Adding compost and working it into the soil will give your plants nourishment to reach their full potential.

 Prune overgrowth and dead wood off trees and shrubs and remove any fallen leaves. Rake your lawn to add air and remove thatch while adding nutrients to lawns. 

Clean any tools and finish by wiping clean with an oiled rag to keep from rusting. Get out hoses and check that they are in good working order. Clean any garden furniture.

Maintenance of your home should include cleaning gutters, deck maintenance, checking the roof and eves trough, and lighting. Hire someone if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Adding some colour with a few pots and a spring wreath to enjoy now.


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