Moving Lisa

In truth there was little to move, Lisa was a gypsy never really settling in one place too long and had never bought a home always preferring to rent or stay with relatives. 3 practically empty suitcases, one large armchair, one dining chair, three small side tables and a chest of drawers; it took one trip all fitting in my car. The chest of drawers and armchair was to follow on in my cousin’s truck. I never did find out for sure what had happened to all the clothes that my mother owned or the new ones together with the food and toiletries that I had purchased when I arrived but from what the neighbours said it looks like she sold them for just a cigarette to the woman who lived in the building, when I asked her about where the items had gone she was her usual evasive self and my resolve was reinforced as I saw my hard earned money being thrown away.

The arrival

All the way Lisa complained, and by the time we arrived was in full verbal assault, I had employed some help, Carolina, who manages moves for seniors had arranged for Lisa to check in just before lunch and had called to confirm that we had just arrived, suddenly several of the staff were helping Lisa out of the car, hugging and saying they were so glad she was coming to live with them, with such kindness Lisa was distracted and forgot about her complaints. Taken into the dining room and diverted by food Lisa met some of the residents who within a few minutes you could tell were real sweeties, unlike my mother.

While my mother had lunch I met with Anne. Carolina cleaned and arranged my mother’s furniture and belongings, when she had finished it all looked wonderful and Lisa was genuinely pleased. We settled her in and stayed for the afternoon Carolina suggested we take her down to dinner and say goodbye, it would be easier on me, like leaving a child at kindergarten on a first day, distraction helped.