Getting ready to move,Kingsville Ontario

Getting ready to move, Kingsville Ontario

When moving seniors in a condo or retirement home it is important to take care of the smaller but really important details that are sometimes overlooked. The space is nice but there is very little storage so decluttering before the move is really important. You don’t need 50 sweaters or a Christmas tree! The best way to rationalize your belongings is if you are able to move the most important items in first. Once set up you can add other things. Often there is no linen closet and really two sets of bedding and towels are probably enough. Think about purchasing new. The homes are often warmer so extra blankets may not even be needed, although a nice throw on a sofa may be nice when reading or watching television. Any furniture especially if it’s old but cannot be parted with should be steam cleaned to freshen up as should any rugs. All clothing that is taken should be washed or dry cleaned and please don’t forget to buy a new shower curtain and bath mat if required.  Any items that are not taken can be donated or sold to pay for the new items. Green ecology is used whenever possible. Family or someone like me can take care of these details prior to the move. These small touches make it feel more luxurious and definitely more comfortable.