Today I will cook. I have decided to make a sauce for pasta as yesterday, I was given a lot of fresh (assorted) peppers. I will play some opera, a compilation of various opera’s greatest hits and remember that when I lived in London UK in the mid eighties, there was a small chain of restaurants called Spaghetti Opera where you could eat good Italian food very reasonably while listening to live opera singers, the best was in Fleet Street London EC4.

For the sauce simply sauté the bell peppers in some olive oil, once cooked add about a pound of a large can of tomatoes. My husband is mad for any type of chilli pepper; hence I take just one Poblano and one Pasilla pepper adding these peppers to the mix. Next process the blend to make a delicious smooth sauce to add to any type of pasta for tonight’s dinner, served with a green salad and a glass of wine.