Whenever we have a glut of one item I sometimes “invent” new recipes or give them a new take, once at Christmas, when I had too many cranberries I made “Winter Pudding” as opposed to Summer Pudding, another Christmas we had gallons of eggnog so I made a trifle, an eggnog caramel creme as well as eggnog custard to top the Christmas pudding, all were big hits! We simply substituted the eggnog for milk.
This was another accidental recipe, I had extra wedges of pumpkin cooking in the oven in a little butter, I forgot about them and when I remembered they had become golden brown, my mother said they used to cook like that after the war adding a little sugar, some allspice and cinnamon to make a dessert. We tried it like that adding some sour cream and it’s delicious! Try it this Thanksgiving.