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Ideas Worth Saving Recipe For Seasoning Cast Iron Pans

Cast Iron Pans
Cast Iron Pans

One of my neighbours bought a cast iron pan and asked if she could put it in the dishwasher, I told her that cast iron rusts and that she had to season the pan and hand wash only. This is the traditional recipe. As the pans are so heavy I don’t use one anymore but my husband likes to use them on the BBQ for pizza and sausages.
The recipe for seasoning cast iron.
Coat all over including the handle with your favourite flavourless cooking oil, one that can withstand a high heat. Place empty pan in oven and bake at 350 degrees for one hour, let pan cool completely. This procedure allows the surface to become a non stick finish. Use often, using food like bacon allows the coating to build. Do not use soap at least for the first year. After cooking simply wash with hot water or clean with coarse salt and paper towels then hand wash. Allow to dry in a warm oven or heat on stove for a few minutes to allow thorough drying of pan and then wipe the inside of the pan with an oiled paper towel, heat on stove for another three minutes. After the first year once pan has a black smooth surface that shines, you can now use dish soap. Season pan whenever it starts to stick. Added bonus the iron in cast iron is good for your body.


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