Style Organize a Clothing Exchange in Windsor

Style Organize a Clothing Exchange in Windsor

There is nothing like a deadline to motivate you and this is a great tip to clear out your closet, have a clothing exchange! An exchange is not only good for your wallet, as well as being Eco-friendly, but it is a great excuse to have your girlfriends over!
Invite all your friends at least three weeks in advance to give them time to clean out their closets. Encourage them to bring jewelry and accessories as well any household bric-a-brac, unopened cosmetics, books and any unwanted holiday gifts to trade.

Set clear guidelines, like a consignment store:
• Gently used items in good condition (Don’t bring anything you wouldn’t give to a good friend).
• Ask them to bring an extra bag to tote their newly acquired items home.
• Ask everyone to bring a snack or some wine to share.

Set up a garment rack with hangers, or use a hat stand. Clear off a table where items can be displayed.
Offer the use of a bedroom, where guests can try on clothes. Have a full-length mirror available.
You don’t want a free for all so select the best way to “shop.”
Draw playing cards to pick who shops first.
Hand out a poker chip or playing card for every item a guest brings. If a person brings 10 items, she gets 10 tokens. She can then use the tokens to purchase new items. Usually, everyone goes home with the same number of items that they donated.
Any unwanted items can be donated to a homeless shelter or a charity thrift shop.
If you have had fun and the exchange is a success, the easiest way to be prepared for the next one is to keep a shopping bag in your closet. Any clothes that you decide don’t make the cut can be added to the bag.