There is nothing better than having friends over. Everyone liked my show of cork signs advertising the sort of cheese on offer, (just a cork and a large paperclip with a small piece of paper displaying the name of the cheese) and asked what else you could recycle a cork from a wine bottle from.

This is what we brainstormed.

1. Protect tips of knives, knitting needles, BBQ forks and any other sharp points.
2. Make a trivet by gluing corks into a picture frame or small tray.
3. Use on the back of pictures to protect walls or wreaths to protect doors.
4. Use in the bottom of a plant pot to aid drainage.
5. Cut a round of cork to fix to an uneven chair leg to stop a wobble
6. Use rounds of cork as feet when displaying items on furniture to protect from scratches.

I like keeping my helpful bits and pieces in mason jars.