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Stilton Cheese Mashed Potatoes – Brilliant!

Stilton added to mashed potatoes is delish!
Stilton added to mashed potatoes is delish!

My best ideas come from the “loose ends” that I have not quite finished. One Christmas I realized that I was paying more for a piece of Stilton cheese per kilo then I was for my turkey. So after serving the cheese, there is always a few remnants left, so I mix them with butter to use on crackers, or as a topping on a steak or hamburger. After all the indulgences of Christmas I froze the remains to be used later. This Easter I retrieved the Stilton butter and as I was making mashed potatoes I decided to add them to my mash. I microwaved the butter and added it to the potatoes. It was a big hit with my husband who loved them. I wondered why I had never seen it on any menus of any restaurants or steak houses and then I realized it is really too expensive! It is worth doing this when you have any “loose ends”


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