Button's Galore in Windsor On

Button’s Galore in Windsor On

Buttons, like ribbons are versatile. Most people end up with a box or jar of them. Here are some pretty and practical uses for them.
1. Decorated button top boxes. These are nice for gift giving or for storage. Simply take an assortment of one colour or a mixed batch and using a glue gun, attach to the top of a box. Mother of pearl is especially nice for a wedding gift or keepsake box. You can also theme boxes to holiday colours ie, orange or black for Halloween trick or treat boxes.
2. Sew on an assortment of buttons on to a fabric bag; I did this to a useful black bag that had a company logo on that I did not want to show. I covered the logo up with buttons I had sewn on. I still get compliments on it.
3. To make a protective cover for a jug use any doilies. A doily is decorative piece of fabric made by a London draper, Mr Doiley in the 17th-century. Sew a few buttons on the out side edge so when placed on top of the jug the buttons weigh the fabric down to protect the contents from flies and dust. Especially helpful when dining outside.
4. Use large buttons to sew on to a table cloth for use outdoors to weigh the fabric down so if it is windy the table will not be upset.
5. If you have an outfit that is so so, see if a change of buttons will take it from drab to fab.
6. Display in a vintage mason jar for easy access and a neat display item.