Workwear From Hobbs

Workwear From Hobbs

My daughter just emailed me to ask for advice for an upcoming job interview for a management position so for anyone wondering about what to wear, here is a primer.

Traditionally a job interview outfit would be a neatly pressed suit, white shirt/blouse, ironed if needed and your shoes should be polished. So smart business attire or smart casual? With a suit you can’t go wrong with clean well cut lines. That said, trousers should be a slim cut not skinny. If you choose a skirt look for a pencil or an A line that is not too short or long.

To find your ideal length, simply take a towel stand in front of a long mirror and place the towel in front of you. Move up and down until you find the most attractive length. Measure the length if you can’t remember and if necessary, have it hemmed once you buy the skirt. Hem it yourself or take to the dry cleaners to alter it to the right length so you will always look your best.

What do most of the managers in your industry wear the most? What do you feel most comfortable in? If you already have the clothes try them on and see what looks best, if you only have a couple of pieces say the jacket and shirt, wear them when shopping and see if you can find a great skirt or dress pant.

To avoid the banker look you can replace a shirt with a simple top such as a tee but in a nice fabric such as silk that is not low cut or sexy. Jewelry should be simple, a pair of small diamante or pearl studs, a simple necklace if you want and your bag should be neat. Another option would be a dress and jacket.

What not to wear!

No heavy makeup, dangling jewelry, huge bags, leather jackets, denim, scuffed shoes.