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Use These Cheap and Quick Fixes to Protect your Homes Surfaces

When I move people and their furniture while packing up if I need to I add new protectors to the furniture and other items that can scratch hardwood and laminate flooring.

  • Use pads or felt cut to size and stuck underneath heavy items such as lamps and candlesticks.
    Use trim on corners in high-traffic areas to prevent damage (especially with children around) caused by bumps. Use finishing nails for a seamless look. You will find paint touch ups easier and less plaster or drywall repair.
  • Adding a doorstop with a rubber guard is an easy fix to stop a door from banging onto a wall or baseboard. Select one to suit your decor.
  • Always protect your hardwood floors by affixing a felt pad under furniture legs and bottoms. Makes moving furniture a breeze too.
  • Use small felt or plastic disks under china, terracotta even behind picture frames to stop surface scratching each other
  • Use a tray for pet food dishes to contain spilt water and food.
  • Glass casters are wonderful for tables that have wheels on hardwood and carpeted floor. Use rubber tips on tile floors