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Style Organization Updates your Closet Seasonally

Updating a Closet in Lasalle Ontario
Updating a Closet in Lasalle Ontario

Spring forward! At this time of year the marketers and the shops encourage us to “update our wardrobe”, “find your spring inspiration” and “out with the old, and in with the new”. All code for buying new items that you may or may not want or need. Problem is, not everyone gets the organization and editing of the spring makeover.

Most of us want to be organized and stylish so take a few hours for yourself to do it properly and ease into the new season with these tried and tested tips.

A Pale Scarf to Update in Windsor Ontario
A Pale Scarf to Update in Windsor Ontario

Update your wardrobe! The easiest of all! Once those coats, boots, gloves and scarves are removed you have already lightened up! You always see paler colours being introduced each spring plus the perennial navy and white, black and white with pops of pastel – think a pastel scarf or a primary coloured hand bag.

Finding your inspiration! Simply window shop, by looking online or visiting your favourite stores and see what is being offered this season. For 2016 we are seeing a lot of denim even in trench coats and espadrilles. Here are three trends. There is the prairie pretty – lacey, crochet and denim. Remixed 90s style for a new cool vibe and the practical preppy Parisienne style. There are of course any more…so take a look and find your look this season.

Stylish in Lasalle Ontario
Stylish in Lasalle Ontario

Out with the old, and in with the new! Of course not everyone gets rid of the old but if you take note of what you already have at home, white shirts, do you need another? You can edit and not duplicate by simply buying another version of what you already have. You can still spluge and buy something that you really love, that looks great on you and if it works with what you already own. You can do this for your home too!

1 If anything needs to be repaired, do it before you need it.
2 Go through all your skincare and makeup especially lip colours.
3 Paint your toenails or have a pedicure and start applying a good hand cream up to your elbows and feet just before bed and you will have softer, more youthful looking hands and feet just in time for sandals.
Ready to donate? Take it to the charity shop. Worn out? Use for decorating or doing messy jobs, otherwise cut up old softer absorbent clothes such as tees to use as rags for the spring clean.

If you need help updating and restyling your clothes and closet, contact me.


The work version I am a versatile client-focused professional with wide-ranging experience in organizing, coaching and motivating with the ability to multi-task whatever the situation. My company, Style Organization is committed to helping people through strategies that assist in moving them forward positively with humour and energy. The Social Version is the same just substitute family & friends for clients and colleagues. I enjoy all the fine things in life, reading, theater, opera, gardening, cooking, entertaining, fashion, travel, anything vintage and adores good company. I am presently still restoring and renovating a 1928 Tudor Revival house.

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