How to update you home for no cost, it can be simple if you just follow these steps.
1 For each room, simply purge items that should live elsewhere and clear all counters in the kitchen and tables and desks in other rooms. Keep things on the kitchen counter that you use daily such as the coffee pot and put away items that are seldom used, such as the bread machine. Leave space on coffee tables to place a drink to relax with friends.
2 Anything looks better when it is organized, use your trays, baskets and those beautiful bowls to corral smaller items, makes clean up easier too.
3 To make spaces seem larger keep things unified and try not to have too many clashing finishes. All white or all stainless steel small appliances is visually more appealing.
4 Items on open shelving needs to be displayed to make a style statement, so put your most beautiful things on them and enjoy. The functional can be stored behind closed doors.
5 Switch out any seasonal items, clean and store and they are ready for when you need them next.
6 Clean! Nothing is as attractive as a clean home.