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Style Organize it all, no job is too big or small.

Good Graphics Appeal to Customers

When it comes to retailing, product is or should be king, after all if product is what you sell, then the the aim should be to sell more, however the customer must see the product first, and any displays and furniture should enhance the product. Good graphics, together with effective use of counter and shelving space for all merchandising will all have a positive effect on all your sales. Store layout must be inviting as well as comfortable so customers can move around easily while exploring the store, if it is, they will stay longer often generating more purchases and almost more importantly, want to return. An environment that makes a customer feel welcome and comfortable is your goal to strive for.

Style Organization’s 5 Top Tips

Displays should be at a comfortable height and face on to the customer
Customers do not want to reach or bend down for a product
Allow the customer to handle the product
Use tiers to showcase product that has a large product offering so that customers can see the full range while allowing them to identify and select the products the want
Always display your newest product at the front of the store so the customer can see it and you have a talking point