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Some of the brass window hardware getting a paint stripping bath.
  1. Work in your yard or garden, as this stuff is strong, don’t use it indoors unless well ventilated, if you can take it outside.
  2. Use really tough thick rubber gloves as paint stripper will burn
  3. Use safety goggles or glasses that you can see through, I use an old pair of sunglasses that are almost clear.
  4. Using aluminium sheets from a roll that I use for cooking, place in a large metal container, I used a paint tray
  5. Add hardware to be stripped.
  6. Add paint stripper and leave for 20 minutes to soften.
  7. Remove paint with fine wire wool.
  8.  Using an old metal coffee can and a little washing up liquid wash and rinse well.
  9. Use a product like Brasso to polish and clean.

I found very thick coats of green, pink, white and cream paint. I had to repeat as not all the paint was was removed.