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An Essex County Strawberry Stunner!

An Essex County Strawberry Stunner!

My strawberry stunner, no cooking involved, which in Windsor in July is a definite bonus. The recipe can be doubled or halved depending on the amount of guests. The colours are perfect for Canada Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day in fact you can use any of your favourite soft fruits for any special day.

Simply take…

1 large pretty bowl.
2lb of strawberries.
1 TBS of strawberry liqueur or vodka. (optional)
1 500gr tub of ricotta cheese.
4 TBS of fine sugar.
2 TSP vanilla essence.
Plain home made sponge cake or store bought sponge fingers.
2 OZ flaked almonds, toasted.

Puree 1/2 lb of strawberries and add liqueur if using. Place sponge in puree and coat lightly. Slice the remaining strawberries and place on top. Blend the ricotta with sugar and vanilla essence, now spoon over the strawberries. Place cling film over bowl and chill overnight but at least 4 hours if serving the same day. When ready to serve, remove film and scatter the toasted almond flakes. Watch it disappear!

* The strawberries are sweet at present but if yours need a little extra sweetness just sprinkle some fine sugar to taste on top of the strawberries, mixing gently before adding the ricotta cheese mixture.