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Use a favourite pin to make a choker!

Use a favourite pin to make a choker!

Another summer gone, and 2016 will be remembered as the hottest since records began in some places. I for one welcome September with fall, or autumn, as we call it in England just around the corner. I love the more temperate weather which energizes me and I just seem to be happier. This is certainly my favourite time of year and this is what I am doing now.  Here are my top 5 tips.

  1. I have been window shopping and seen what is now available, I am pleased to say it is not really for me, not a fan of cold shoulders or chokers but these are so easy to make just take some pretty ribbon sew on a couple of stud poppers to close and add a favourite brooch and you are trend ready.
  2. If you want to update your home or your wardrobe only buy something that you really love, and makes you look amazing. If anything needs replacing get it now before you need it. I have bought two trays, a silver plated one for drinks specially requested by my husband for his personal use in his domain or man cave and a square wooden one to corral and keep odds and ends neat and tidy.
  3. Polish up your image with some style. The new hose for this season will give anything you already own a new look.
  4. Don’t forget to give the pieces you already own some love. Polish, clean and repair! You will look stylish.
  5. Check out your makeup and skincare getting rid of anything that is broken  and used up. Edit your look and update it for the coming season.