Getting Ready For Fall

Getting Ready For Fall

After many years living in Ottawa, I know that here in Windsor, we do enjoy a much longer fall, the trees keep their leaves longer, usually into November and the grass stays greener, sometimes like yesterday we enjoy weather that seems like summer. You still have time do a changeover of seasons, with a quick tidy up of your entrance that will please you every time you come home. 
  1. Change or add a seasonal pot of flowers or plants.
  2. Wash your windows.
  3. Polish or clean any hardware
  4. Wash or sweep the front step
  5. Update any lighting or replace light bulbs
  6. Keep shrubs and grass neatly cut.
  7. Add a welcome mat (will save fall and winter mess being brought in)
  8. If you have time on a Saturday repaint your front door.

Especially good if you are selling.