American Thanksgiving Turkey in Windsor

American Thanksgiving Turkey in Windsor

Or Roast Beef...

Or Roast Beef…

I have never done an American Thanksgiving because I am from England. When we moved to Canada we started to celebrate Thanksgiving which in Canada falls on a Monday usually in the first two weeks of October, this worked well because it allowed us to pause before Christmas. This year my husband, John missed Thanksgiving as he and JB walked The Camino. John and JB started on September 14th 2016 from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port on the French side of the Pyrenees to Roncesvalles on the Spanish side and then another 780 km on to Santiago de Compostela to complete this ancient pilgrimage route, finishing on 23rd October 2016. Known as The Ways of  St. James, John and JB travelled The French Way, which is the is the most popular of all the routes. There are many other routes such as the Portuguese way from Lisbon. But I digress, I thought we would have an American Thanksgiving just for him, which he is looking forward to as he grew up in the States. Looking at the calender, I now find that I have less than two weeks but I realize I can organize the food very quickly and we will take the day off. Will we do the classic turkey dinner or a prime rib with all the fixings. I can decide that when shopping. Living close to the US border, I have found that in Windsor & Essex County a lot of people already celebrate both Thanksgivings as they have relatives and friends in both countries.