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If you are short of time for whatever reason, my time saver for presents – bottles of wine, red, white, rose and sparkling which is also my favourite, wrapped up in a wine bag, a bottle box or some pretty paper is always a popular gift (at least with my friends) and if you need a bottle of wine to drink at home you always have one on hand, and it’s easily replaced. Double up and put into a double bottle basket carrier for a more generous gift. The great thing about wine is that it does not go off,  it is disposable, and the bottles can be recycled so no worries buying some knick-knack that they may hate. Try a bottle of brandy or single malt which is nice for a special gift, this would delight my husbands . If you have teetotal friends a delicious tin of European chocolate biscuits (cookies) or some nice chocolates is a great gift and you can pick these up at your grocery store.