What to do this week

Less than three weeks to go! Here is your weekly update.

  • Set up a gift wrapping station with gifts, paper, fabric, tape, and ribbon.
  • Wrap a few gifts each day.
  • Start decorating the inside of the house.
  • Give special outfits and jewelry the once-over before wearing.
  • Plan any special shopping days for children and older relatives.
  • Make and freeze your favourite soup/stew for a quick meal.
  • When shopping for gifts, ask for a gift receipt to make any returns easy.

Stress busters

  • No time for a manicure? Use clear nail polish for shiny nails.
  • Red lipstick and a statement necklace or chandelier earrings will take you stylishly through the evening.
  • For easy glamour take a plain top and pair with an evening skirt.

Shopping List:

  • Christmas tree and garlands. Once home cut ½ inch off tree stump and place in a bucket of water and leave in the garage until you are ready to decorate. Check water level daily.
  • Place any special orders for fresh turkey and platters.
  • Buy any non-perishables on your list.
  • Anything that you forgot to buy from last week’s list.