Merry Christmas from Carolina at Style Organization Windsor & Essex County

Merry Christmas from Carolina at Style Organization in Windsor & Essex County

With just over a week to go here is a last checklist to getting it done easily while still enjoying the season.

  • Take the family on a drive at night to see the Christmas lights.
  • Record a special message on your voicemail.
  • Put up your tree. If it is a real tree, keep the stand full of water.
  • Trim the tree with (if not already done), the family. Make it a mini party.
  • Cook any special dishes and freeze until needed.
  • Have a family baking day. Cookies anyone?
  • Start giving out gifts and tips.
  • Finalize the Christmas menu.

Stress Busters:

  • Company coming? Put out nuts, antipasto, cheese, crackers and fruit.  No additional cooking or shopping required.
  • Serve beer and wine only.
  • If time is short rent china and glasses from a party supplier, no washing up!
  • Get enough sleep and exercise.

Shopping List:

  • Stock up with snack supplies and batteries.
  • Place any special orders for fresh turkey and platters.
  • Ingredients for dishes that you plan to make ahead.
  • Restock any drinks and Liquor that you may have already used up.
  • Anything that you forgot to buy from last week’s list. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Carolina at Style Organization