Carolina's Christmas Zuccotto

Carolina’s Christmas Zuccotto

My Christmas Zuccotto, an old Italian dessert, is made many different ways. Here is my take for with ingredients that we had on hand for a dessert that needs no baking. It was a hit!

1 panettone
2 tubs of ricotta
5 oz caster sugar
4 oz candied fruit
2 oz slivered almonds or any other nuts
Handful of chocolate chips or any other chocolate
1 tbsp chocolate powder
Torani Classic Caramel Syrup (the type you can flavour coffee with)

Mix together ricotta and sugar in a bowl, add candied fruit, nuts and chocolate, mix well.
Cut two rounds from the panettone and slice the remaining panettone length ways into 1 inch slices.
Line the bowl with the slices of panettone, and, using a pastry brush, brush caramel syrup onto the panettone. Spoon in ricotta mixture, then press one of the panettone rounds on top. Wrap a plate with cling film and rest on top adding up to 4 plates to weigh it down. Chill in fridge overnight. To serve, remove the pudding from the fridge, remove the plates and run a knife around sides. Take the base of the cake stand or dish you are using and place on top. Turn upside down, the pudding will plop on to the plate, remove bowl and dust with icing sugar. Delicious!