The Stratosphere Cocktail

Happy New Year from Style Organization

For a party try a sparkling rose punch using sliced sugared strawberries, 1 bottle of rose wine, 1 can frozen lemonade concentrate – pink if you like and 1 bottle of sparkling wine.

In a large bowl place sugared strawberries with 1/2 bottle of rose an hour before the party at room temperature.
Just before guests arrive add frozen lemonade concentrate and chilled sparkling and remainder of rose. Mix well and serve.

If you don’t like fruit pieces make a strawberry juice by cooking over a low heat with some sugar to taste until very soft. strain through sieve and use in place of sliced fruit.

Or try adding a raspberry to a glass sprinkled with a little sugar then add wine or champagne. For dessert, port and marsala are good with strawberries. Cherries are good with brandy.