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When out shopping take a look at for things you will need for the upcoming year, if you are out of something or an item needs replacing pop it on a list or on your phone. I just received a flyer for Christmas decorations, that are $10 for $10, but I am going to pass it as I do not need any, this year. After all it is not a deal if you don’t need it… The end of January is the perfect time to stock up any extra gift wrap for all your holidays all year as the stores want it all gone, meaning big savings for you before moving into Spring. Tissue paper and ribbons in red are perfect for St Valentines Day, add white for Canada Day. Add blue and white for Independence Day, green is great for St Patrick’s Day, pastels for Easter and all things spring and summer, and Birthdays. If you can find some orange and black you have Thanksgiving and Halloween all wrapped up – if you pardon the pun. Stash all together so you do not forget about what you have.